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Microphone dictionary definition | microphone defined microphone definition: The definition of a microphone is something you talk into that magnifies your voice or makes it louder. (noun) An example of microphone is something a singer sings into so people in the back row can hear him. Microphone | Definition of Microphone by Merriam-Webster Microphone definition is - an instrument whereby sound waves are caused to generate or modulate an electric current usually for the purpose of transmitting or recording sound (such as speech or music).

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Headphone definition is - an earphone held over the ear by a band worn on the head —usually plural; also : a small earphone inserted into the ear : earbud. How to use headphone in a sentence. Computer - Input Devices - Tutorialspoint Computer - Input Devices - Following are some of the important input devices which are used in a computer − Microphone is an input device to input sound that is then stored in a digital form. The microphone is used for various applications such as adding sound …

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