Netflix And Over 400,000 Websites Banned In Turkey - Greek

Turkey Blocks YouTube and, Briefly, Twitter Over Hostage Apr 07, 2015 Turkey's block on Wikipedia violates freedom of expression Turkey blocked Wikipedia in April 2017, accusing it of being part of a “smear campaign” against the country, after the website refused to remove content that allegedly portrayed Turkey as supporting the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations. Turkey blocks Saudi and UAE news websites – Goobjoog News Apr 20, 2020

Apr 29, 2017

Usually, I spent lots of time on Facebook, News and some social websites that affect my productivity in work. So I installed cold turkey on my Mobile and I scheduled the block for my work timing 9 AM – 6 PM (Monday to Friday). And I blocked Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit where I spend a lot of time. Turkey lifts more than 2-year block of Wikipedia

Turkey blocks Saudi and UAE news websites -

“Even though 220,000 Internet sites have been blocked in Turkey, and more than 100 people are taken into police custody every month to be questioned about something they wrote on social media, the Turkish public remains silent,” he concluded. Twitter website 'blocked' in Turkey - BBC News Mar 21, 2014