This one of the latest viruses comes under the category of the most dangerous types of computer virus. It encrypts your files and adds an extension .rontok to them. In addition to this, it also makes changes to the system’s startup settings, registry entries, and data or programs stored in it.

May 31, 2017 The 12 deadliest viruses on Earth | Live Science Humans have been fighting viruses throughout history. Here are the 12 viruses that are the world's worst killers, based on their mortality rates, or the sheer numbers of people they have killed. The 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All-Time This virus would end up costing more than $1 billion in total damages before a fix was actually written. 4. MyDoom. This virus worked by creating a backdoor into the computer’s operating system of the victim. There were two triggers for this virus, both occurring in February of 2204.

Stuxnet is the scariest computer virus spread by a USB thumb drive targeting software control. A malicious computer virus-like Melissa that can centrifuge to self-destruct. Recent Computer Virus and How to Stay Protected 2020. So, this was all folks! The above list is not the end of the latest and most dangerous computer viruses.

The 10 Deadliest and Most Dangerous Viruses in the World Jan 07, 2020 What is the most dangerous computer virus right now The most dangerous virus is the Marburg virus.It is named after a small and idyllic town on the river Lahn - but that has nothing to do with the disease itself. The Marburg virus is a hemorrhagic fever virus.As with Ebola, the Marburg virus causes convulsions and bleeding of mucous membranes, skin and organs.

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