I tried both auto generated App credentials and my custom created user credentials, and every time I was getting authentication failed message. The description on the credentials page was advising me to have the username in the following format: \ This was why authentication failed.

authentication failed | Thunderbird Support Forum AUTH refers to authentication, i.e. user name or password. If the password works when you access the account through webmail, and it's the same password used by TB, I suggest you try to re-connect the PC directly to the router, without the wireless adapter, to see if the problem is caused by that device. Gitlab clone project: authentication failed - Stack Overflow Try log-out and login with the same credentials that you're trying to use for cloning the repository. If the problem persists: In Windows, Search for Credential Manager. In that choose Windows manager. Select your Gitlab credentials and modify it. How to Fix Wi-FI Authentication Error Problem on Android

What Does “Facebook Authentication Failed” Mean? Authentication is the method by which Facebook determines that you are you and grants access to your account. Normally this error only emits if you enter the wrong email, password, or if Facebook detects other suspicious activity on your account.

Authentication Failed - The Error Explained The user name is incorrect. Usually this is the same as your email address, however some SMTP servers require a The password is incorrect. Usually this is the same password for your email account. If you are not certain, contact the The SMTP server name could be wrong. This is like trying to

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Registration of the Authentication Agent failed due to token or account authorization errors. Ensure that you use a cloud-only Global Administrator account for all Azure AD Connect or standalone Authentication Agent installation and registration operations. There is a known issue with MFA-enabled Global Administrator accounts; turn off MFA