‘Joyce is on the warpath, cripes!’ ‘ for cripes' sakes get a move on or we'll be late’ ‘I know, I know, but cripes!’ ‘Robert gasped in amazement, his mouth gaped open, he went as white as a sheet and his eyes opened wide. All he could say was ‘Nay, cripes!’’ ‘Some of ‘em are in pretty good shape, but cripes!’

For cripes sake. Brit Hume responds to critics who didn't appreciate his Joe Biden/face mask joke Tips for Winning Shootoffs | Page 4 | Trap Shooters Forum Jun 30, 2020 BTC doing another 5000m time trial tonight, this time with

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Andy Rooney on Everything - Snopes.com Jan 22, 2004 Cripes - definition of cripes by The Free Dictionary